Monday, June 12, 2017

Miraculous God!

Miraculous God!

Go where they have never heard my name, go to Taiwan?! Yes Lord.

When the Lord called our family out of Mexico to Taiwan we only knew one thing, He promises to be with us! With that we began the journey to making the move for our family a reality. About to have our seventh baby I went with the director of our mission group to meet some Bishops and Priests in Taiwan. With total peace and trust in the Lord I know that He wants us there where only 1% of the 24 million people are Catholic and every day we can meet people who have never even heard of Jesus. The evil one was attacking me, telling me it is pointless for me to bring my family across the world. What can we do? What difference can we make? But God blessed me with two truths. One, He would move us across the world for just one soul, that's how much He loves every soul He has created. Two, we don't have what anyone needs but He has what everyone needs and He needs our hands and feet to bring the Gospel Truth to them! 

So, our beautiful newest blessing was born and we were able to begin the process to get visas for our family to become residents of Taiwan. Having no idea where we are going to live we continued to pursue residency, and like He promises, He was with us. The long, extremely detailed process was blessed and after a lot of work we received our visas! Still not knowing where exactly where we are going to live or how we are going to get from the airport in the North side of the country to the Diocese we are moving to in the south side of the country with seven kids and 14 bags. He was with us, leading as the Good Shepherd He is! We received an email from a man who was born an raised in Chiayi Taiwan (the diocese we are moving to). He spent the last 30 or so years in the states and just recently moved back to Taiwan. The Holy Spirit has lit a fire in his heart to serve the poor in Chiayi and he has a lot of wonderful ideas but no help. He went to the Catholic Church there and they told him that there was a missionary family moving to his area soon (us) who may be able to help. He got in contact with Family Missions Company and flew into the states for a visit. We have been in contact with him and after letting him know we got our visas we asked if he could help us with two things. How can we get from the airport to Chiayi in a country where the average family has less than 1 child? large vans or taxis to move big families don't really exist. And secondly, can you help us find a house or place to live? He responds, don't worry about travel from the airport to here, I will take care of everything. Also, I will find you a place to live but I also have a house available right now that you can stay in indefinitely or just until you find a more suitable house, depending on where the Holy Spirit leads you! Praise you Jesus! 

 Finally, as we are praising the Lord for His miraculous work and leadership He continues! We have some great friends in our mission group who recently became engaged! He is a missionary who served in India and China and she is also a missionary and she served in the Philippines. They asked Veronica and I to be their sponsors through marriage preparation. Of coarse we are honored to do it and they are going to come to Taiwan for a month for their marriage prep. Out of their beautiful hearts and the love of our gracias merciful Heavenly Father they saw an amazing opportunity for all of us. They can fly with us to Taiwan, allowing them to spend time with us, a married couple with seven children, to witness the reality of marriage in an event like moving across the world. And they desire to help our family as we move to a new country where we won't have a vehicle of any kind and we will be needing to find and go to the market, furniture, stores, etc. and we have no idea where anything is and we don't speak Chinese. BUT, he speaks some Chinese from his year and a half in China and they want to help us during this transition...Praise you Jesus! He is with us, just like He promises! 
Every time God asks us to step out into the unknown, to follow Him completely in faith without knowing all the answers, and asks us to allow the Holy Spirit to lead us...He always shows up and provides everything that we need! We serve a loving father! 
John 14:15-17-“If you love me, you will keep my commandments. And I will ask the Father, and he will give you another Advocate, to be with you forever. This is the Spirit of truth, whom the world cannot receive, because it neither sees him nor knows him. You know him, because he abides with you, and he will be in you."

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  1. May the Lord bless and keep you as you continue to say YES to Him.