Sunday, May 5, 2019

Divine Mercy 2019!

  Divine Mercy!

What a wonderful day we had here in Taiwan on Divine Mercy Sunday. After months of preparation, prayer, and help from all around the world...Literally...we had a wonderful event to share the truth about God's Mercy and Love! 
It began with a friend from Hong Kong sharing a teaching at the church about the message of Divine Mercy from Jesus Christ while four priests were hearing confessions. This was followed by Mass, the Bishop of Tainan came and Michael and Mariam (our two oldest kiddos) received their confirmation! 
We all then drove over to a nearby village where we live and started a Eucharistic procession with around 200 people. We prayed together, praising Jesus as a community walking through the streets of our village! After the procession of about 40 minutes we entered the newly restored church building and the bishop blessed the building and the convent where we now live. (This convent was vacant for 5 years and last summer we began restoration for it to become The Center of Divine Mercy for Taiwan, and home to us and other FMC missionaries!) We sat in adoration of Jesus then shared a small meal. 
Jesus' Mercy is so abundant and His Love so powerful! I praise Him daily for the love that we as a family experience because of His presence in our lives! There is nothing that this world can offer thatwill fill a human heart other than Jesus!

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